About Me

Are you feeling misunderstood in your relationships? Are you feeling anxious, irritated or depressed? Tired of having to explain yourself? Talking with an understanding therapist who will focus solely on you with a compassionate objectivity can really help. I specialize in working with anxiety, depression, addictive behaviors and relationship issues, and in helping to uncover and then overcome issues from the past that are still affecting thoughts and behavior in the present. I've been through many transitions, both planned and unplanned, throughout my life and have great compassion and skill in helping others come through them, too.
I am trained in EMDR and have used it successfully to help clients heal from physical or emotional traumas whether they were recent or a result of verbal abuse that occurred over a long period of time that prevented a healthy sense of self from developing.
I was a body worker for 20 years and bring an invaluable mind/body focus to my practice. My personal life experience which includes being a wife, young widow, mother/single mom,re-entry student, an employee and self-employed has enabled me to help others become stronger through their transitions.

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